case studies

Here are a few case studies illustrating the ways we have helped our clients:

Client How we helped
P&C Insurance company This client is the Canadian subsidiary of one of the largest P&C insurers in the world. We provided an entire range of services including business analysis, software and technical architcture, software development & deployment, security architecture. We worked with this client from 1994 to 1997 and then again from 1999 to 2007 and were involved in several projects from core systems development to innovative web based systems.
Leading-edge healthcare software company This company provides the leading patient communications product in north america. We have been involved with this client since inception in 2004, developing their core systems. We continue to provide services for this client in all areas of their technology.
Retirement software company We have provided technical support and software development for this small software company since 2001. They often call on us to help with new projects and new clients and to help them with software architecture and solving technical problems.
Large Ontario Pension Fund We provided the front-end architecture for a $55 Million project spanning several years. During this time we also published a development book and multiple articles covering the development toolset being used. The entire development team numbered approximately 80 people so the architecure was critial to ensure the project met all its goals.
Pension managment software company In this particular situation, we were engaged by a company that had a client who had requested a very difficult technology & solution. The initial solution had failed and the project was in danger of being cancelled. We were able to propose a technical solution and then implement the solution to the satisfaction of the client. We thrived on the technical challenge and were proud of the solution we provided.
Large Canadian telecom company This client needed help with the architecture and development of their public web site. Scalability was a key issue for this client since they have over 6 million subscribers using their web site which allowed clients to learn about their products, purchase products and services and provide all self-serve functions related to these products. We spent a great deal of time with this client planning and reviewing the site architecture to ensure it could handle the huge volume of transactions which were processed on a daily basis.
Canadian Bond Rating Service We helped this client with the architecture and development of their international web site. We introduced a number of design patterns as part of the architecure and helped resolve a few sticky technical issues.
Small start-up We take pride in the fact that we are nimble and cost-effective enough to be able to help companies raning from start-ups to some of the largest companies in Canada. In this case, we provided consulting in both .NET and Java technologies and helped this start-up client pick and implement a number of technologies used in their product suite.
Canadian Investment Bank We built a system in 3 months to handle their debt & equity financings. This was a major accomplishment and required incredible dedication. Later we build an addition module to handle their M&A activity.

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Case Studies

Please take a look at some of our case studies to see how JWS has helped out many companies just like you.

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